BE A TRADE SHOW STANDOUT - Tips for a Successful Trade Show

A trade show can be very beneficial for your business. Not only do you get your name out in front of a TON of potential customers, it's a great place to interact with your clients and (hopefully) future clients! To make the most of your trade show efforts, it's important to plan ahead for success. While our Lake Area Chamber Home, Lifestyle, & Sport Show isn't until fall, it's never too early to start planning. Below you can find some quick tips and tricks for a successful trade show experience for your Lake of the Ozarks business!

Identify your purpose.

Before you set up for a trade show, think about WHY you are participating. You should define your purpose as you prepare for the big event. Are you looking to grow the number of customers, gain contact information for potential clients, or sell a certain number of products? There are a number of ways to measure success for your trade show setup. Set a goal as to what you would like to accomplish with your participation and focus on that!

Develop a marketing plan for the show. 

After you've identified your purpose and set your goal for the trade show, you can come up with HOW you are going to attain it. Think about the marketing strategy you want to use at this event. Sometimes sell, sell, sell is not the best approach - you can get to know people on a personal level to help instill trust in your business. People would rather do business with others they know - try to make strong connections during our next trade show.

Think about your exhibit display.

Plan a professional and eye-catching display for your business. If you have a new product, this is a great place to feature it. Banners, pamphlets, business cards, prizes, and interactive displays are always a hit at trade shows! Make sure your display isn't overlooked and have an intriguing area for potential customers to visit.

Staff your booth with purpose.

Who will be working your booth during the duration of the show? It's best to have at least one person manning the booth at all times. This can help to ensure there is a point of contact if someone has a question or is curious about your business. Inquire about peak times and try to have more than one person working the booth during this time frame.

Follow up with potential customers after the show. 

After a trade show has concluded, reach out to the contacts you have made. If someone shows interest in your business, give them a call to see if they have any other questions about your product or service. Keep the momentum from the show growing as you make follow-up contacts.

Are you ready to be a trade show standout? With these easy tricks, you can prepare for a successful trade show event. As your Lake of the Ozarks chamber, we pride ourselves on providing opportunities for your business to continue growing at the Lake of the Ozarks. We look forward to helping you showcase your business at our next Lake of the Ozarks trade show this fall!

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