13 Fun Facts About The Lake Of The Ozarks

The Lake of the Ozarks is famous for being a popular tourist destination in the Midwest. It has been well known for many years, but since it was recently named the Best Recreational Lake in the Country, the Lake of the Ozarks has been gaining increasing fame and popularity.

At the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to know and love this unique area as more than a summertime destination - it's our year-round home. This week, we wanted to take a moment to help you learn more about this great location we are privileged to call our home. Even if you have lived here your whole life, you might be surprised to learn some of these interesting facts!

Fun Facts About The Lake Of The Ozarks

1.  Bagnell Dam was built from 1929-1931. It was a beacon of light during the Great Depression, providing thousands of jobs to workers in the region.

2.  At the time that the Lake of the Ozarks was completed in 1931, it was the largest man-made lake in the United States.

3.  Every year between Memorial Day and Labor Day, approximately 3.5 million tourists will visit the Lake of the Ozarks.

4.  There are more than 70,000 homes along the Lake of the Ozarks.

5.  The Lake of the Ozarks earned its nickname "The Magic Dragon" because of its serpentine shape.

6.  The Lake of the Ozarks contains approximately 617 billion gallons of water.

7.  From end to end, the Lake of the Ozarks spans 92 miles.

8.  There are over 1,100 miles of shoreline along the Lake of the Ozarks. This is longer than the coastline of the state of California.

9.  The original purpose of Bagnell Dam was to supply electricity to St. Louis.

10.  The total drainage area that feeds into the Lake of the Ozarks is approximately 14,000 square miles.

11.  At the time that it was built, it cost roughly $30 million to build the dam. This would translate to more than $360 million in today's money.

12.  The Lake of the Ozarks fills with 10,000 boats on major holiday weekends.

13.  When Bagnell Dam opens all of its floodgates, 1,212,000 gallons of water can pass through in a single second.

Grow Your Business At The Lake Of The Ozarks!

Though it is most well-known as a tourist destination, the Lake of the Ozarks is an excellent place to own and operate a business. There's more to the Lake Area than the millions of tourists it attracts - it is built on a strong backbone of hard-working, generous individuals who make the Lake of the Ozarks their home year-round. Business booms in the summer (even for companies that do not cater directly to the tourists), but there are hundreds of businesses that keep their doors open all year long.

Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to support our business community and local economy at the Lake of the Ozarks. In order to make our benefits more accessible to people in the community, we are currently hosting a Spring Membership Drive. For more information about Membership Drive or what Lake Area Chamber of Commerce can do for you, give us a call at 573-964-1008 or visit our website: www.LakeAreaChamber.com

We look forward to serving you!

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