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11 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed at the Lake Area Chamber

Are you looking for a unique way to gain exposure for your business? Join the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce! Why, you ask? There are a TON of reasons our Lake of the Ozarks chamber can help benefit your area business. Check out just a few of the many perks of joining the Lake Area Chamber below.

1) RECEIVE REFERRALS FROM THE CHAMBER The Lake Area Chamber is honored to have the opportunity to refer a variety of businesses to visitors and residents of the lake area. This is a benefit to our members, we ONLY refer Chamber Members. We not only receive in person inquiries of where to stay, where to eat, what to do, but also receive numerous phone and email requests for information on activities and relocating to the lake, as well as inquiries from business owners moving to the Lake.

2) HAVE A RIBBON CUTTING Upon request, our Chamber conducts ground breaking/ribbon cutting ceremonies for a variety of “milestone” events. Whether it’s a new, expanding or moving business or one that has taken …

GROW YOUR BUSINESS at the Lake Area Chamber Business Academy

The Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to roll out our Business Academy at the Lake of the Ozarks this January. If you haven't reserved your spot yet, do so TODAY. Seating for this informative program is limited. The Business Academy is a fantastic way to invest in your business. You'll receive a ton of useful tools to help your business in a number of ways. The session topics range from employee benefits to marketing strategies to legal issues to watch out for - and much, much more. If we've piqued your interested, check out further details about the Lake Area Chamber Business Academy below!

About the Business Academy: The first annual Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Business Academy kicks off Jan 9, 2019. Featuring 6 sessions, with 12 powerful workshops, and 11 expert speakers, this is one program you will not want to miss!

Our goal with Academy is to provide in depth sessions on a wide array of critical business subjects to help you take your business to the next l…