5 Tips for Setting Epic Networking Goals

The new year is a great time to set goals in your personal and business life. Networking can have a huge impact on your Lake of the Ozarks business. The Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is involved with a number of networking events throughout the year. From special events to our monthly networking socials, there are a ton of opportunities for you to get out and meet fellow chamber members. Before you attend your first networking events for the year, think about your goals as a networker. If you don't have any goals set yet, now's the time to reflect on what you would like to achieve as you network in 2018.

1) Reflect on the Past Year

In order to make a successful goal for the new year, it's important to think about the past year. What did you do right and what improvements can you make upon your networking habits. The reflection should be a positive experience - don't beat yourself up for missed opportunities. Take the knowledge you gained from your networking in the past year and use that to set your new goals. It's important to reflect upon the past in order to learn and make improvements for the present and future!

2) Set Measurable Goals

Instead of a generic "meet more people", consider setting a goal that can be measured - like "connect with 10 new business owners in the area". If a goal is specific and measurable, you are more likely to keep it top of mind. You can also celebrate the victories along the way, when you set a measurable goal. If your goal seems a bit overwhelming (which isn't a bad thing), take it a smaller chunk at a time.

3) Look at the Calendar

Write down upcoming networking events that you want to attend. Once they are on your calendar, you are more apt to remember it and not schedule something at a conflicting time. Look ahead for the entire year and block off the times that you plan on going to networking events at the Lake of the Ozarks. A great place to start is the calendar on our website where you can find all the upcoming Lake Area Chamber events!

4) Strive for a Positive Mindset

A major hurdle when it comes to networking is the intimidation factor. Many people feel like a networking event is simply outside their comfort zone. A positive attitude about a networking event can do wonders for your goals! Think about the great opportunities that are available at an upcoming event. Keep it positive and keep it fun! Our socials are always a great time networking with fellow business owners and employees. It's a great way to meet business people at the Lake of the Ozarks on a personal level.

5) Select Businesses You Want to Meet

Think about who you do business with and who you WANT to do business with. These are the people you should get to know when you are networking. Even if you don't have a specific business in mind, there is certainly a business industry that you would benefit from meeting. This is another way to help make your goal specific!

Are you pumped up for networking after reading all the great ways to set a goal? You're in luck - our first networking social for the year is scheduled for January 16th at Redhead Lakeside Grill. Join the Lake Area Chamber from 5:00 - 7:00 pm to start working toward your networking goals for the year. Before you come, read over our blog for setting some epic networking goals! We look forward to helping you build up on your networking skills and reaching your goals for 2018!

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  1. This is valuable blog for both beginner and experts. It tells you networking goals that should be followed during business networking events.


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