5 Success Tips for Starting a New Business at the Lake in 2018

The Lake of the Ozarks business environment is thriving! With many new ventures starting up and a strong base of existing businesses, it's the ideal place for you to start a new business. With ample resources readily available, your new venture can get up and running in no time! Our Lake Area Chamber of Commerce loves to help new businesses get up on their feet and help to establish their brand in our area. With business resources available, we would be honored to be a part of your business plan, as you start up your new business in 2018.

1. Promote Your Brand

As soon as you establish a business name and logo, it's time to start promoting it! Get a head start when it comes to building your brand to help bring awareness to your business. Consider which advertising methods you are going to use and start getting your message (and business name) out there!

2. Prioritize Cash Flow

There is plenty of upfront costs associated with starting a new business, therefore getting the cash flowing is of high importance to your success. From marketing to business location start-up costs to ordering supplies, you have an overhead that needs to be paid down as soon as possible. Drawing people into your business to start making money should top your list of importance.

3. Creatively Reduce Costs

You may not have a ton of cash readily available upfront. This is where you can minimize costs by getting creative. Consider finding used furniture to design your space. Another way to reduce costs is to think about starting your business out of your home to get on your feet and reduce the number of upfront funds needed.


We can't stress this one enough, networking is FREE and the ideal way to make business connections at the Lake of the Ozarks. People like to do business with others they know, so get out there and get familiar with new faces! Regularly attend networking events at the Lake of the Ozarks and socials throughout the area.
Helpful Tip: Don't expect to make sales AT networking events, it's a great time get to know other businesses in the area and help to familiarize others with yours.

5. Get Involved

Community involvement is a perfect way to shine a positive light on your new business venture at the lake. Just like with networking, it helps you get to know others in the area, but it also shows you and your business are dedicated to the Lake of the Ozarks area. This can help build rapport with fellow business owners and other residents of the area.

Our area is a great place for a new business to grow. With major highways intersecting near the lake and a variety of airport around the area, transportation for your business can be a breeze! The thriving economic environment makes for ease of cash flow and sales. Our sense of community makes living at the Lake of the Ozarks comfortable, especially if you plan to relocate your family. We have an extensive health care system, fantastic school districts, and a booming housing market, making the area an easy choice.

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