GET INVOLVED With The Lake Area Chamber!

As a member of the Lake of the Ozarks community, it's important to get involved. Especially if you are a business owner or want to gain exposure for your business venture, community involvement can benefit you in a number of ways. From helping to get your face in front of others to drawing positive attention to your business name to feeling good about giving back to our area, there are a TON of perks of getting involved.

As one of the largest organizations of it's kind in the area, the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce works hard to provide great benefits for all of our members. If you'd like to get your business more involved in the community, we'd love to help facilitate it! With community projects and member driven organizations, you can give back while staying involved with our Lake of the Ozarks chamber. Take a look below to find some fun ways to get involved with the Lake Area Chamber.

Participate on a Committee:

The Lake Area Chamber has over a dozen committees in which members can be involved. Serve your community and promote your business by getting involved with a chamber committee. Special chamber events, economic development, legislative activity, and marketing businesses are all committee options in which you can get involved. It's important to find something you are passionate about and go with it! You will enjoy your involvement even more if it's a cause you really care about!

Volunteer at Chamber Events:

There are MANY chamber events that take place throughout the year. While sponsorships are an important factor for a lot of these events, volunteers are ALWAYS needed to make these events go off without a hitch. Contact anyone with the Lake Area Chamber and we'd be pleased to let you know what volunteer positions we have available for upcoming events. It's a fun way to do something outside of the normal work day AND gain exposure for your business at the same time!

Chamber Ambassador Program:

A group of experienced chamber business leaders in the community compile the ambassador program. They are volunteers who act as public relations representatives on behalf of the Lake Area Chamber. Business openings, ribbon cuttings, socials, special events, and other area activities are events these ambassadors attend to help promote the chamber.

Are you ready to get involved? Not only is community involvement a good call for business exposure, it can help improve your quality of life on a personal note too! It feels good to give back and truly become a part of the best community - the Lake of the Ozarks. We look forward to helping you get involved with the Lake Area Chamber and watch you and your business GROW!

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