5 Cutting Edge Benefits of Joining the Lake’s Only Virtual Trade Show!

It is a familiar situation… You just used a large chunk of your marketing budget to enter a trade show, drove to the venue to set up your booth, and spent hours trying to reel in potential customers with flashy posters and winning smiles. Afterward, all you have to show for your hard work is a very short list of names and (possibly fake) email address. You might be missing out on a lot of business opportunities at Lake of the Ozarks.

We at Lake Area Chamber of Commerce have a solution: The first and only Virtual Trade Show at Lake of the Ozarks. Boost your business’s exposure, reputation, and investment power by participating in this cutting edge technology.

1. Our Virtual Trade Show Does the Work for You

Free up your time to focus on managing your thriving business while we do the leg-work collecting leads for you. Rather than dedicating staff, marketing funds, and office time to attending a trade show, trust the experts in lake area business by listing your business on our Virtual Trade Show. Then sit back and watch the leads roll in!

2. Customer Information at the Tip of Your Fingers

 Listing your business on the Lake Area Chamber’s Virtual Trade Show will allow clients to find you quickly and easily. Potential customers can contact you with any questions they may have about your business and product(s) with an easy-to-use form that we will list on your page. We will send these new leads directly to your inbox, allowing you to collect contact information for new prospects. Because they are reaching out to your business directly, you will be able to establish the clients’ wants and needs right away and have a dependable way to follow up with them.

3. Make the Most of Your Investment

Instead of dedicating your staff’s hours to attend a traditional trade show and having to drag physical materials to the venue, save time and effort by going digital. With our Virtual Trade Show, your yearly investment with us will be around the same cost of participating in a face-to-face trade show, but with us your return on investment will continue throughout the year. Not to mention, if anything about your business changes, or if you run a special for your product, we are happy to keep you relevant and update your content throughout the year at no additional charge!

4. Expand Your Customer Reach

Through the Virtual Trade Show, you can expand your customer reach at Lake of the Ozarks. Someone might have interest in buying from you, but they have limited free time and can’t make it to the venue on the other side of town that day. Clients will appreciate the opportunity to learn about you and what your business offers through a fast and accessible option. Now, instead of missing clients or getting lost at the bottom of a grab bag, your content will be available to potential customers at the click of a button. Our Virtual Trade Show allows you to reach people in the comfort of their homes.

5. Customers Will Know They Can Trust Your Business

Listing your business with the Lake of the Ozarks Virtual Trade Show will also demonstrate to customers that you are a reputable business ready to fulfill their needs. Potential clients are regularly searching businesses online at a higher rate in order to determine your company’s reputation and decide whether they want to work with you or not. Feel confident that you are presenting a clean and professional image to your clients, and get ready to reap great rewards.

Get Started Now!

More and more buyers are turning to the internet for their product and service needs. Lake of the Ozarks Virtual Trade Show will put your business in front of more customers, provide great backing for your business’s reputation, and help stretch your marketing dollar. So don’t get caught sitting in the last venue booth alone; contact us and join the Virtual Trade Show today.

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