Tips for Preparing for a Ribbon Cutting at your Business

Are you planning a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Lake Area Chamber? A ribbon cutting is a fantastic way to promote your Lake of the Ozarks business. Whether your venture is new, expanding, or celebrating a milestone, a ribbon cutting is the perfect way to celebrate! Along with a ribbon cutting ceremony, our Lake of the Ozarks chamber will prepare a news release and distribute it to local media outlets to help get the exciting news out about your business. If you are planning to host a ribbon cutting with the Lake Area Chamber, you may wonder what you need to be prepared. Take a look below for some tips on ways to host a successful ribbon cutting event!

Invite Friends, Family, and Acquaintances

It's important to invite as many people as you can think of to help support your ribbon cutting. Whether it's business acquaintances or family members who have helped you get your business up and running, invite others to join in this exciting occasion. In addition to your invitations, we will also strive to invite other members and directors to join in welcoming you and your business.

Provide Snacks and Drinks

While it's not required, it's nice to provide snack food and beverages for those in attendance. This can also help entice guests to stick around and learn more about your business. People tend to socialize a little longer if there are food and drinks nearby.

Entice Participants with a Special

To thank those who took time out of their day to attend your ribbon cutting, it is a nice gesture to provide a goodie bag. Whether it's candy and your business card, samples from a popular product, or a discount on your first services with the company, you can come up with a fun way to tie in your business to the gift. Get creative when making your give away item!

Feature Your Services

Before or after the ribbon cutting, you can share information about your business. Don't miss the opportunity to shine a spotlight on your new venture. It's a great way to get the word out about various services or products that you offer. Take a few moments to provide an overview of your business during your ribbon cutting ceremony.

Clean Up Your Space

With an increase in foot traffic around your space the day of your ribbon cutting, you want to ensure your space is clean. This can help leave a positive impression about your business on everyone in attendance. Remember this is an event to honor your business and gain exposure for your venture, it's best to have a clean space for your guests to enjoy.

Check out some recent ribbon cutting ceremonies put on by the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce:

Upon request, the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce will conduct groundbreaking/ribbon cutting ceremonies for a variety of milestone events. Whether your business is new, expanding, moving, or has new ownership, a ribbon cutting is available. To help gain exposure for your new, expanding, or changing business, contact the chamber office today! We look forward to helping your business grow with our Lake Area Chamber membership benefits.

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