5 Thrilling Reasons You CAN’T MISS the Magic Dragon Car Show

The Magic Dragon Car Show is a much loved annual event here at the Lake of the Ozarks.  We are all looking forward to a weekend filled with family fun and memory making.  Plus, we are excited about providing the chance to win a car!  In addition, there are so many things to do and see on the Bagnell Dam Strip.  Not to mention … the food and drink options are AMAZING, and so are the shops and live music venues!  Sounds like fun for all if you ask us. 

1) Family Time.  

One of the most heartfelt connections between the generations can be made through cars.  Do you remember the twinkle in your grandpa’s eyes as he told you about the car he had when he was 16?  Did you work on your own car with your dad to keep in maintained and maybe fix it up or customize it?  Do you love to teach your kids and grandkids about taking care of things?  Those are the kind of memories that allow parents and kids and grandkids to relate in ways they would not otherwise.  Do you feel a sense of excitement or nostalgia when you see a muscle car?  Who wouldn’t want to pass that along to the next generation?  What better way to do that than to bring them to a car show at the Lake of the Ozarks!   

2) 2021 Chevy Camaro Giveaway.  

Enter to win a brand new car while you enjoy looking at everyone else’s dream vehicles.  Proceeds from the raffle go a long way to help multiple charities around the lake and there are a limited number of tickets sold so you can know exactly what your odds are. 

3) Food/drink.  

You don’t have to go far to get anything you might be hungry for.   Do you love hand crafted pizza?  How about handmade, thick and juicy burgers?  With so many restaurants to choose from you will have fun deciding where to go.  From breakfast buffets to specialty soups and wraps and much more, you and your family will not go hungry!

4) Entertainment.  

“I’m bored” is the last thing you will hear with all of the exciting things to do on the Strip.   We have one of the best arcades you can imagine, fabulous ice cream shops, an escape room, a ropes course, live music venues, and SO MUCH MORE! And don’t forget about the beautiful rides that will fill the Strip during the car show! There’s plenty to see and do to keep your entire crew entertained!

5) Shopping.  

We cannot forget the SHOPPING!  There are incredible swim and beach wear shops, and t-shirt shops.  You can browse leather goods, souvenirs, lake décor, outdoor furniture, hot tubs, even rocks, gems, and minerals!  You name it, you can probably find it!

We can’t wait to see you here April 30th- May2nd for the Magic Dragon Car Show brought to you by the Lake Area Chamber.  A good time will be had by all, we have no doubts.  With up to 1,000 cars to look at and dream about, it will be a full weekend filled with eye candy on wheels.  You will enjoy some of the best food and drink you can find, without ever having to leave the event.  If you want a change of pace, there are lots of options for local entertainment.  Of course the shopping cannot be beat!  Last but not least, don’t miss your chance to drive home in your very own dream car, a 2021 Chevy Camaro!  We will see you on the Strip for the Magic Dragon Street Meet Nationals!


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