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5 Thrilling Reasons You CAN’T MISS the Magic Dragon Car Show

The Magic Dragon Car Show is a much loved annual event here at the Lake of the Ozarks.  We are all looking forward to a weekend filled with family fun and memory making.  Plus, we are excited about providing the chance to win a car!  In addition, there are so many things to do and see on the Bagnell Dam Strip.  Not to mention … the food and drink options are AMAZING, and so are the shops and live music venues!  Sounds like fun for all if you ask us.  1) Family Time.   One of the most heartfelt connections between the generations can be made through cars.  Do you remember the twinkle in your grandpa’s eyes as he told you about the car he had when he was 16?  Did you work on your own car with your dad to keep in maintained and maybe fix it up or customize it?  Do you love to teach your kids and grandkids about taking care of things?  Those are the kind of memories that allow parents and kids and grandkids to relate in ways they would not otherwise.  Do you feel a sense of excitement o

Join Us for Member Connect Every Wednesday at 9am via Zoom!

One of the fantastic resources the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce presented during the pandemic was our weekly Member Connect video calls. We're thrilled with the turnout and productivity that has happened during our weekly calls. Check out the details of our Member Connect calls and hear testimonials from some of our participants! What is Member Connect: Join us on Wednesdays at 9 am to connect with our Chamber Team and your fellow Chamber Member peers. Each week we discuss current challenges and share resources that are available to our members. We’ve been delighted to welcome several various community leaders to share the latest updates for our community as well.  Please use the registration button below to get registered today! Member Connect Testimonials: "As a part of the member connect I have been able to connect area businesses to what we at Lake TV have going on for the community and also how they can help reach clients for their business thru our platforms. Helped gi

SPONSORSHIP OPPORUNITY: Cocktails & Caddies Golf Tournament!⛳

The Cocktails & Caddies Golf Tournament is a unique event that takes place in April every year at the Lake of the Ozarks. Held at the Golf Club at Deer Chase, it’s one you won’t want to miss!  Best Tournament Around! This fun game of golf starts with a 3-Lady team who make their “bid” on a male “caddie” and his prize package. The male “caddie” that the team “wins” then plays with the Lady team as their fourth player. Local male golf pros, low handicap male golfers, and local “personalities” make up our caddie pool. These folks also tell us it’s their favorite tournament of the year! While the tournament draws an average of 60 to 70 lady golfers from the local area, many also come from surrounding cities like Rolla and St. Louis. Participants are affluent women with purchasing power, so this is a great opportunity to put your business information directly in front of them. This tournament features 1st-3rd prizes in 3 flights, proxy prizes on EVERY hole, plus 3 Hole Hosts, 3 Vendor