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Ways to Improve Your Communication During a Pandemic

Communication is key and it's even more important during this challenging time. Businesses should be communicating to employees and customers on a regular basis. Our Lake of the Ozarks chamber is here to help! The Lake Area Chamber has put together some creative ideas on how you can better communicate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Share Basic Business Information If your hours have changed due to this crisis, ensure your business information is up to day, especially on online platforms. This can help your customers know what's going on with your business and when they can contact you. Feature New Procedures Are you changing up how things are done around your business? Ensure your customers know! Share this information so everyone knows what is going on and what is expected if/when they enter your place of business. Build Digital Visibility Update your digital platforms. Ensure your social media, Google My Business, and websites are all up to date. You can add s

Easy Ways to Support Local BusinessesšŸ§”

Now, more than ever, local businesses are fighting hard. It's our responsibility as community members to step up and support our local businesses. If you love frequenting local shops, restaurants, and attractions, it's time to step up and show your support. Our Lake of the Ozarks chamber of commerce is all about helping local businesses thrive and that's what we're here to do today. The Lake Area Chamber is showcasing some easy and effective ways to support your favorite local spots! Frequent Local Businesses Make an effort to support our local businesses right now. When choosing a carry-out option, try to support local restaurants. Many of the items being purchased at big box stores or online can be purchased from local vendors, as well. This effort can go a long way in keeping our local businesses afloat! Buy Gift Cards for Future Use Gift cards or tickets can be purchased now and used later. Whether you have a few summer birthday gifts to cross off you

Reasons to Join During Our Spring Into Season Membership Drive

We have a few weeks left of our Lake Area Chamber Spring Into Membership Drive and now's the time to take advantage of these added benefits of joining. Our Lake of the Ozarks chamber does a lot to help our member businesses thrive in our community. From education to promoting, we help shine a light on your business. If you join now, you can take advantage of even more benefits! Check out the details of our Spring Into Membership Drive below: HOW IT WORKS - Spring Into Membership Drive: Any business, individual, or non-profit organization not listed on the provided current membership list roster are fair game! New Member Application MUST specify your name and business on the “Referred By” line for it to count towards your total. The Chamber office must receive the new member’s completed application and paid membership investment by May 8th, 2020 for it to count towards your total. Postmarked applications and payment of May 8th, 2020 or before will be counted towards yo

šŸš¤Prep Your Dock and Boat for a Fun Summer Ahead☀️

Boating season is in full swing for many as more and more people are home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This means that if you haven't already, it's time to ensure your dock, boat, and accessories are ready for boating season. The Lake Area Chamber knows you may have all of your water toys ready for the season but you're noticing areas for improvement as you're spending more time on your boat and dock. Photo Credit: Fun Lake We have the perfect resource for all of your dock and boat improvement at the Lake of the Ozarks ! Our Lake Home Show offers a ton of resources for many areas of your personal and business life. Our virtual home show at the Lake of the Ozarks showcases business booths that you can access and contact them 24/7, 365 days a year. Freedom Boat Club Freedom Boat Club offers a smart alternative to boat ownership. This club offers unlimited use of fleet boats at the Lake of the Ozarks at half the price of owning a single boat. For a hassle free

COVID-19 Business Resource Kit

We understand this is a time filled with uncertainty. Our Lake of the Ozarks chamber is here to help support our local businesses however we can. We've compiled some helpful resources that your business may be able to utilize as the virus impacts many of our area businesses. Take a look below for more information about the resources the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce has available. The Lake Area Chamber is here for you and we are taking every step possible to remain as knowledgeable and up to date on the ever-changing landscape as we navigate a safe and healthy response to COVID-19.  Resources for Employers: Planning Guidance for Employers Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers (CDC) Similar to any major natural disaster, the coronavirus will have a significant impact on workers, businesses, and the economy. The business community plays a vital role in combating outbreaks of viruses like the coronavirus. Find more resources for businesses at www.LakeAreaChambe